Home Maintenance Checklist

Many people spend $3,000-$5,000 per year on weekly maid service to keep the inside of their home clean, yet never think about the exterior and mechanical maintenance until something goes wrong.  When something goes wrong with exterior systems it often causes major problems and big expense! 

CRAFTED offers annual maintenance plans for far less than you probably currently spend on maid service and miscellaneous repairs!   We realize some of you will always want to do your own maintenance, and for those people here’s a handy checklist of what you should be doing! All these items are included in our maintenance plans, so give us a call if you’d like to spend more time enjoying your home and less time working on it!

General Exterior:

  • Inspect caulking on windows, recaulk as needed

  • Inspect weep holes on brick, ensure no obstructions

  • Inspect soil levels around the foundation perimeter

  • Inspect stucco for potential issues

  • Inspect siding and trim, look for wood rot and evidence of insects or rodents

  • Adjust settings on irrigation system for seasonal needs and time changes

  • Winterize outdoor plumbing/hosebibs/backflow on irrigation

  • Clean gutters and low pitched roofs

  • Flush debris from underground drainage systems

  • Adjust operation of fence and driveway gates

  • Check weatherstripping and thresholds on all exterior doors.  Ensure proper closure on doors to prevent weather and pest entry

  • Visually inspect roof from ground level with binoculars, look for potential trouble spots

  • Get on roof to inspect for damage (lower pitch only!)

  • Check window and door screens for damage

  • Check for trees interfering with utility lines

  • Inspect decks and handrails for loose boards and popping screws/nails

  • Pressure wash house and concrete flatwork

  • Apply sealer to wooden decks and railings

General Interior:

  • Check all interior doors for proper closure and adjust as needed

  • Change batteries in any electronic locks (1x/year)

  • Change batteries in remote controls   (1x/year)

  • Check for evidence of foundation movement

  • Check windows for proper operation (especially bedroom windows for fire egress)

  • Check fire extinguishers charge levels (if present)

  • Check caulking on crown molding and trim.  Recaulk as needed.


  • Flush water heater (1x/year)

  • Run descaling on tankless WH (1x/year)

  • Test T&P valve on water heater

  • Check flow/pressire on faucets, clean aerators (1x/year)

  • Check flow/pressure on tub and shower valves, clean debris from cartridges (1x/year)

  • Operate shutoff valves on all fixtures to make sure they function

  • Check under all kitchen, bath, and bar sinks for leaks

  • Inspect all sink, tub, and shower drains for correct rate of drainage

  • Check all toilets for potential leaks or adjustments need to fill valves and floats

  • Check caulking around all toilets and tubs

  • Run water and flush toilets in unused spaces


  • Check filters (at returns and plenum/cartridge filters).  Replace as needed (will bill the cost of filters or owner to provide)

  • Check for proper cooling and heating (seasonal)

  • Add de-slimer to drain pain and drain lines (2x/year)

  • Clean/flush any drain lines that are connected to sink drains

  • Operate gas shutoff valves to make sure they function

  • Vacuum bathroom exhaust fan grills

  • Vacuum dryer vent


  • Test all GFCI outlets

  • Check all fixtures for burned-out bulbs and replace as needed

  • Test backup generator (if present)

  • Test whole-house surge protector (if present)

  • Test all smoke & CO detectors

  • Change smoke detector batteries (1x/year)


  • Test ignition / light fireplace 

  • Operate gas shutoff valve to make sure it functions properly


  • Test burners on stove for fast lighting, clean jets or adjust as needed

  • Check filters on range hoods (clean/degrease)

  • Vacuum refrigerator coils (1x/year)

  • Deodorize dishwasher and disposal

Tile and Countertops:

  • Seal grout

  • Seal granite and marble countertops

Garage Door:

  • Lubricate chain and tracks

  • Test auto-reverse feature