Successful construction projects and happy customers happen when a builder is organized and has a repeatable process! CRAFTED projects are accomplished in three phases:



Also known as the "Pre-Construction Services" period. We feel this is most important phase of creating your dream! It’s the time to minimize stress, mistakes, and confusion. An unfortunately common scenario is one where people meet with an architect to create a beautiful design then get sticker shock at what their project will cost to build. By being involved from conception we work hand-in-hand with the architect, interior designer, vendors, and tradespeople to make sure your project stays on target. 

This is the time when you’ll design the house (or addition, or remodel), make selections (finishes such as flooring, tile, countertops, paint, cabinets), and work up a budget. We will get bids from each subcontractor and vendor to show you how your choices impact the bottom line. This is also when we do inspections of an existing house and have multiple people quality-check the plans. 

Good construction management is about anticipating what could go wrong and coming up with solutions before issues turn into problems! 


Plans are done, permits are obtained, and interior design is complete. Now is the time to get dirty and see progress! Our experienced Project Managers will take the plans and specifications and bring your dream to life using our in-house teams and our trusted network of tradesmen. The collaboration isn’t over, however. You will be kept in the loop using our project management system and via regularly scheduled site meetings with your PM and Designer. 

We are a Fixed Sum builder, meaning we give you a contract with a clearly defined scope of work which we have collaboratively honed during the Pre-Construction phase. This means that unless you decide to add work or make changes, your price is going to be set in advance. Some builders do work on a cost-plus basis which may sound attractive at first. Having a fixed sum contract is more work for us up front and requires more experience, but it is a safer proposition for you because you know exactly what you’re getting and you don’t spend your time trying to decipher complex invoices. 



Some builders call this the warranty period, but we hope our relationship extends far beyond the expiration of a contractual agreement. We want you to call us for your next project. Ask us to service your water heater. Refer your friends. Invite us over for coffee! We don’t want to stop seeing you just because the punch list is complete!